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Neofluidics provides highest results for Microfluidic tools for Drug Screening technology and 3D Cell Culture Nano-liter droplet storage and dilution Neoplate.

Neofluidics’ Microfluidic Tools for drug screening via its Neoplate provides the highest scientifically measured results for Drug Screening technology and 3D Cell Culture including its proprietary Nano-liter droplet storage and dilution technology.

The Platform

The microfluidic serial dilution and storage platform enables the “trapping” and subsequent storage of nano-liter volumes of assay seamlessly without the need for precise flow controlling equipment. The platform uses passive microfluidic technology and can thus be leveraged into a consumer friendly, cross-platform-integratible consumable with little or no optimization.

The Neoplate
The first product built on our drug screening technology platform is a sub nano-liter volume well plate called the NeoPlate. This product is capable of integrating with manual and robotic liquid handling systems. The NeoPlate stores specific volumes of fluid pipetted by these systems similar to conventional well plates but at 1/1000 times the volumes
(cost savings >10x) without error.  The Neoplate is offers the highest scientific advancement of drug screening technology.

About Neofluidics

NeoFluidics is a Texas Tech University based startup. The company was founded in 2014 by Texas Tech graduates. NeoFluidics has an exclusive IP license with Texas  Tech University to commercialize its proprietary nano-liter droplet storage and dilution technology.

Deepak E. Solomon, PhD.

Chief product engineer of Neofluidics LLC. Deepak has a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from Texas Tech, and was instrumental in design and development of the first working NeoPlate prototype.
Nilesh Gupta, PhD.
He is the chief scientific officer at Neofluidics, LLC. He is responsible for performing application testing on the prototype . Nilesh has a doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences with over 20 peer reviewed publications including several awards.
Alpesh Indulkar
He is the head of business development. Alpesh has a masters in Industrial Engineering with over 7 years experience of working in the industry.


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